Photo by Michael Tourigny

Photo by Michael Tourigny

My career as a furniture maker began in Vancouver... 

...with a rather ugly box. One spring day, years ago, my roommate and I needed a receptacle for our recycling. We were conscientious citizens, though poor ones at the time. Thus we, meaning me, would have to make one.

I had never actually built anything before. However, after a successful trip to the local hardware store, I learned how to cut up rough pine planks with a handsaw, hand-drill holes, and hand-drive screws. The result was an actual functioning box with a hinged lid! Not pretty, but functional - it was the most gratifying thing I had ever done.

After this experience, I immediately enrolled in a Benchwork and Joinery program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), and I haven't stopped creating since.

My designs today are the result of twenty some years of learning from many talented and inspiring people - from 17 to 75, from all over the world - coupled with a deep-seated ethic of caring for our planet.

My goal: to create unique, provocative and functional furniture that doesn't cost the earth.

To your good taste.